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Redfield works for a bright future with new housing, new school, new faces and community pride « Back to Search Results Featured Item!
Posted on: September 19, 2016
Category: Awards and Recognition
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Redfield, S.D., could be called a small city or a big town. It has features that are the best of both.

“Main Street is a very interesting, fun place to go visit on a Saturday afternoon. You’ve still got those good, enjoyable family things and shopping” as in a larger community, according to Lisa Zens, executive director of Grow Spink, Inc., headquartered in Redfield. But children “can still go outside and play or ride their bike, and someone will let us know if there’s a problem.”

Zens, who raised her two biological children mostly in Sioux Falls before moving to Redfield, where she gained four more through marriage, said the way she and her husband are raising their younger children is much different from how she raised the older ones.

“In a big city, you have many amenities, but you might not go out and enjoy those things, because you don’t quite see them in the same perspective as you do when you only have those things to do,” she said.

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